NATIONAL VETERINARY DRUG ASSAY LABORATORY (NVDAL) which was established in 1985 up to now have a long history  and experienced under a Leader of  Indonesian Veterinarian as mentioned below:

Dr.Agus Heriyanto MPhil

Dr.Agus Heriyanto MPhil

Dr. Agus Heriyanto. M Phil :  from January 2006 up to now

Dr.DewaMadeNgurahDharma MScPhD

Dr.DewaMadeNgurahDharma MScPhD

Dr. Dewa Made Ngurah Dharma MSc PhD : from JUNE first, 2004 to December 2005

Dr.Enuh Raharjo Jusa PhD

Dr.Enuh Raharjo Jusa PhD

Dr. Enuh Raharjo Jusa PhD: from MAY 15, 2002 to JUNE 2004

Dr.Puguh Darmadi MVS

Dr.Puguh Darmadi MVS

Dr. Puguh Darmadi MVS: from OCTOBER 14, 1998 to MAY 2002

Dr. Syamsul Bahri S. MSc : from FEBRUARY 29, 1988 to OCTOBER 1998

Dr. (Colonel) Yuntiwa Ramdhan: from  FEBRUARY 4, 1985 to FEBRUARY 1988

BALAI BESAR PENGUJIAN MUTU DAN SERTIFIKASI OBAT HEWAN (BBPMSOH) sejk berdirinya pada tahun 1985 telah mengalami beberapa kali penggantian pucuk pumpinan sebagaimana yang dijelaskan diatas.


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