The Objectives, Vision and Mission of NVDAL

NVDAL-BBPMSOH GunungSindur Bogor

NVDAL-BBPMSOH GunungSindur Bogor


National Veterinary Drug Assay Laboratory (NVDAL) issues National and International level of veterinary drugs quality certificates in order to guarantee the quality veterinary drugs which ensure a supporting development in livestock industries. The main objectives are :

1. To ensure the quality of veterinary drugs circulating in Indonesia for stake holders protection.

2. To develop and improve test methods on veterinary drugs accelerate with sophisticated technology in veterinary drugs industry.

3. To improve veterinary drugs quality of stake holders produced.




The main tasks of NVDAL are to test the quality of veterinary drugs, to issue a quality certificates, to conduct a surveillance and to monitoring distributed veterinary drugs in the fields.


To ensure the circulating veterinary drugs quality in Indonesia for supporting the livestock development through professional services in veterinary drug Quality testing and certification.



1. To improve quality control veterinary drugs professional service.

2. To motivate field surveillance relating with veterinary drugs quality.

3. To increase monitoring of circulating veterinary drugs in Indonesia market.

4. To motivate technical development for veterinary drugs methods.

5. To accelerate the application of quality control system.



virus inoculation to spf chicken embryonated eggs




A. Biological Products Assay

Viral Vaccines, Bacterial Vaccines, Biological Diagnostic Reagents, Antiserum

B. Pharmaceutical and Premix Products Assay.

Antibiotics, Hormones, Antipyretics, Anaestheticums, Chemo therapeutics, Anti histamines, Vitamins, Feed supplements, Feed additives, Anthelmentics, Disinfectants.

C. Traditional Veterinary Drugs Assay.

Herb, Probiotic, Prebiotic.

D. Additional Assay.

Vaccines for fisheries, Pharmaceutical and Premix for fisheries.



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